Fabricator-SS Plasma Cutting Table

Heavy Duty Plasma Cutting System

VICON Fabricator-SS Plasma Cutting Table
The Solution for Fabrication and Job Shop Applications

The Vicon Fabricator-SS is a rugged yet flexible plasma cutting machine. It is the solution for the optimal processing of fabrication or job shop applications. Fast, clean and accurate, this CNC cutting system drastically reduces waste and operating costs resulting in greater profitability.

Machine Electronics and Motion Controller

The solid-state controls and digital drives ensure fast response time and precise motion during the cutting process while the solid-state non-contact proximity sensors protect the drive train while producing your parts at the highest rate possible. Communications from the PC controller to the digital servo drives are through CAT-5 cables to ensure reliability within the system.

Plasma Cutting Torches

When choosing a plasma cutting table, there are many factors. Which need to be considered – part application, type and thickness of material to be cut, cut quality, system cost, and overall operating expense. In addition, there are a variety of plasma systems available to the market today – ranging from units capable of cutting light gauge to heavy plate in a variety of materials.

The Vicon Fabricator-SS can be custom designed for cutting based on your shop criteria as mentioned above. Our highly trained Vicon sales and technical specialists will eliminate the guesswork and engineer a system utilizing the “right” torch that will enable you to achieve the goals you are looking to accomplish through plasma technology. Through sample parts and time studies, you can see the end results before making a final decision.

At Plasma Automation, we incorporate only systems manufactured by industry leaders in plasma cutting technology. System warranty and service are impeccable and expert advice is always available through developed partnerships with leading torch manufactures.

Electronic Torch Height Control and Collision Protection

To enhance the efficiency of the torch system, the Vicon Fabricator-SS can be equipped with your choice of optional electronic torch height control, which maintains a precise cutting height of the torch during the piercing and cutting cycles to further enhance cut quality. A collision protection device is also available to protect your torch investment from damage in the event of collision with the material.

ViSoft Cutting Software Program for Windows

The ViSoft Software is menu-driven and user-friendly. Written and supported by Plasma Automation’s experienced team of in-house programming engineers, we are consistently enhancing and updating the Vicon program to continue to bring users the latest and greatest in functionality.

Features include a full array of shapes with user-defined libraries, Super Nest and common line cutting for the ultimate in material utilization, time saving DXF file importing including Auto Kerf and Auto Lead-In, and a true CAD sketch program…to name a few.

Features & Benefits
  • Highly affordable solution for high quality, clean edge applications.
  • Dual X-Axis precision digital motor drives
  • Precision linear guiding on X and Y axis enables superior clean edge quality through the use of a precision plasma power source.
  • X-Axis consists of one linear guide with two rigid recirculating ball bearing guide cars. Y-Axis linear guiding consists of four ridged hardened Vee roller guides.
  • The above items are what separate the SS from the Fabricator-HD.